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Publicatie datum 16 mrt 2016 - 08:55
Statutaire naam ABN AMRO Bank NV
Titel ABN AMRO publishes 2015 Annual Report
Bericht ABN AMRO is publishing the 2015 Annual Report of ABN AMRO Group N.V. and the 2015 Annual Report of ABN AMRO Bank N.V. today. This year, ABN AMRO is taking the next step toward integrated reporting. We focus more attention in this Annual Report on the bank’s future and strategy and provide more non-financial data, such as sustainability and employee engagement results. ABN AMRO achieved a great deal with, and for, its clients in 2015. In Retail Banking, we expanded our mortgage offering to a wider group of clients (self-employed people) and enhanced the online features of mortgage products. Corporate Banking made good progress in delivering sector-based advice to all its clients. We also assisted several clients with their own IPOs, and a special event was our own IPO. ABN AMRO took a big step forward on the sustainability front as we issued the first Green Bond and a second Social Impact Bond, and sustainable investment showed sharp growth. We are fully committed to making our own real estate, and that of our clients, more sustainable, while further embedding sustainability in our lending procedures. We also invested heavily in our mobile service offering and IT landscape. The annual report is available on the ABN AMRO website. All reports, including additional Pillar 3 and other information, are available here.