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Volta Finance Limited

Volta Finance Limited

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Publicatie datum 22 jun 2015 - 07:09
Statutaire naam Volta Finance Limited
Titel Volta Finance Limited : Issue of Shares and Voting Rights
Bericht NOT FOR RELEASE, DISTRIBUTION OR PUBLICATION, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, IN OR INTO THE UNITED STATES ***** Guernsey, 22 June 2015 Volta Finance Limited (the "Company" or "Volta") hereby announces the conversion of 40,478 Class C shares held by Volta's investment manager, AXA IM Paris, into ordinary shares. Such Class C shares, which are non-voting shares, are convertible into ordinary shares, which are voting shares, by AXA IM Paris on sale to a third party. As at the date of this announcement, the issued voting share capital of the Company is comprised of 35,960,864 ordinary shares of no par value and 1 Class B share of no par value. There are no ordinary shares held in treasury. The ordinary shares and the Class B share each bear 1 vote per share.