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Yatra Capital Limited

Yatra Capital Limited

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Publicatie datum 29 jul 2013 - 06:57
Statutaire naam Yatra Capital Limited
Titel Progress of Share Buyback
Bericht Further to the revised share buy-back programme announced by Yatra Capital Limited (the “Company”) on October 31, 2012, the Company announces that during the period from July 20 until and including July 26, 2013, the Company has repurchased 120 of its Ordinary Shares at an average price of EUR 3.16 per share for a total consideration of EUR 379. This is the thirty ninth release post the announcement of the termination of the previous buy-back programme and the announcement of the revised buy-back programme. The total number of Shares repurchased under the revised programme to date is 123,600 Ordinary shares for a total consideration of EUR 398,025. The current number of Ordinary shares outstanding in issue is 18,980,282. The Company has also repurchased 181,856 Ordinary shares for a consideration of EUR 551,067 during the first year of the launch of the buyback programme announced on September 22, 2011. Therefore, the total Ordinary shares repurchased by the Company to date are 305,456 for a total consideration of EUR 949,092.