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Volta Finance Limited

Volta Finance Limited

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Publicatie datum 03 dec 2012 - 18:06
Statutaire naam Volta Finance Limited
Bericht NOT FOR RELEASE, DISTRIBUTION OR PUBLICATION, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, IN OR INTO THE UNITED STATES ***** Guernsey, 3 December 2012 - The sixth Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Volta Finance Limited (the "Company" or "Volta Finance" or "Volta") was held on 3rd December 2012. All resolutions (listed below) were passed. 1. To adopt the audited financial statements of the Company for the year ended 31 July 2012, including the reports of the Directors and the Auditors (the "Accounts"). 2. To re-appoint KPMG Channel Islands Limited of 20 New Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey as the Company's Auditors to hold office until the conclusion of the next AGM. 3. To authorise the Board to negotiate and fix the remuneration of the Auditors in respect of the year ending 31 July 2013. 4. To re-elect Joan Musselbrook as an Independent Director of the Company for a term of three years. 5. To approve a final dividend for the period ended 31 July 2012 in respect of the Company's ordinary shares*, Class B share and Class C shares of €0.26 per share, with an ex-dividend date of 5 December 2012, a record date of 7 December 2012 and a payment date of 28 December 2012. * Provided always that no dividend shall be paid in respect of any shares held by the Company as treasury shares 6. To renew the authorisation of the Company unconditionally and generally for the purposes of Section 315 of The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 to make market purchases of ordinary shares in the Company provided that: a. the maximum number of ordinary shares in each class authorised to be purchased is 14.99% of each class of the ordinary shares in issue at any time. b. the minimum price payable by the Company for each ordinary share is 1% of the average of the mid-market values of the ordinary shares of that class in the Company for the five business days prior to the date of the market purchase and the maximum price payable by the Company for each ordi

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