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ASTARTA Holding N.V.

ASTARTA Holding N.V.

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Publicatie datum 12 apr 2012 - 21:27
Statutaire naam ASTARTA Holding N.V.
Titel ASTARTA Holding N.V. published its audited annual report for the year 2011
Bericht Financial Highlights Revenues and gross profit Revenues grew 38% to EUR 303.6 million following robust advance in volumes of sales and supportive markets. Export sales grew almost 150%. Gross profit increased by 33% to EUR 120.9 million securing strong 40% gross margin. Profit from operations (EBIT) and EBITDA Profit from operations (EBIT) increased by 7% to EUR 93.4 million, and EBIT margin constituted 31%. EBITDA increased by 10% to EUR 111 million, providing for EBITDA margin of 37%. Profit before tax and net profit Profit before tax was EUR 90 million (+13% y-o-y). Net profit was EUR 87.5 million (+9.4% y-o-y) with net profit margin of 29%. Operational Highlights Crop Production and Sales Following its growth strategy, ASTARTA increased cultivated land bank by 17% to 245 thousand ha. The Group continued introducing modern technologies in agriculture focusing on higher yields and lower cost production. In 2011, harvest of grains and oilseeds was c. 660 thousand tonnes, or two times higher than in 2010. Sugar beet production displayed a 58% climb to 2.1 million tonnes. External revenues in the segment redoubled to EUR 79.4 million, volumes of sales were up by 67%. Export sales of grains and oilseeds more than redoubled as well. Sugar Production and Sales In 2011, ASTARTA gained 16% share in national beet sugar production, thus strengthening its leadership in sugar market. Volumes of sugar beet processed grew 65% to 2,6 million tonnes, and sugar production was up 88% to over 370 thousand tonnes. Average level of sugar extraction from sugar beet was 14.5%, compared to a nationwide average of 13,5%. ASTARTA continued implementation of energy efficiency program achieving reduction in natural gas consumption by up to 10% y-o-y. In 2011, ASTARTA processed around 31 thousand tonnes of raw cane sugar and produced 30 thousand tonnes of white sugar. Sugar sales volumes increased by 10%, molasses by 88% and segment revenues were up 22% to EUR 194 million.

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