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Man Fund Management (Guernsey) Limited

Man Fund Management (Guernsey) Limited

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Publicatie datum 11 aug 2009 - 17:41
Statutaire naam Man Fund Management (Guernsey) Limited
Titel Estimated performance for Man Investments advised products
Bericht MAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED Master Fund List - Listings on Euronext FUND PRODUCT/COMPONENT ISIN Date Quality Estimated monthly return Man RMF CommodityHedge Plus Zertifikat DE000DB6DCT0 31/07/2009 Estimate 1.2% Disclaimer on Estimates The estimated performance and/or valuation/NAV data ("Data") is based on estimated valuations or net asset values calculated by a member of the Man Group and may vary materially from the official valuation or net asset value and consequently are not the price at which shares/bonds (or such other issued instrument) can be subscribed or redeemed. Investors should not rely upon the Data to make investment decisions or otherwise. The Data is provided to you for information purposes only and there shall be no right to request any underlying information, calculations or any other details regarding such Data. None of the Man Group plc, the companies in respect of which Man Group plc is the holding company, the investment products (or the issuers of such products) and any official valuation calculation agent or any other service provider in respect of any product to which the Data relates make any representation or warranty regarding the accuracy of the Data nor accept any liability whatsoever in connection with the provision or your use of the Data. Any reliance on the Data is entirely at the user’s risk. Please note that interests in the investment products may only be purchased or sold in accordance with the terms of the prospectus issued by the investment products (or the issuers of such products) and the price the issuer of such product may quote may be materially different from the valuations set forth herein. Official valuations or net asset values will be subsequently published on www.maninvestments.com when finalised (and such other media or electronic platform as may be outlined in the relevant prospectus) and may be significantly different from the Data. Potential investors should note that alternative investments can involve sign