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Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V.

Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V.

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Publicatie datum 03 apr 2009 - 17:35
Statutaire naam Robeco Institutional Asset Management B.V.
Titel Relating Robeco Private Equity Certificate (EUR)
Bericht Rotterdam, 03 April 2009 ANNOUNCEMENT Relating Robeco Private Equity Certificate (EUR) Announcement relates to the underlying investments of the Robeco Private Equity Certificate (EUR), which are: Robeco European Private Equity (REPE I) Robeco Global Private Equity (RGPE I) Robeco European Private Equity II (REPE II) Robeco Global Private Equity II (RGPE II) Robeco Private Equity Opportunities (RPEO) The performance of the Robeco Private Equity Certificate is linked to the Robeco Private Equity Basket, which contains five underlying Robeco private equity funds-of-funds (the ‘Underlying Funds’).The indicative book value of the Certificate is calculated by taking into account the most recent book values of the Underlying Funds in the Robeco Private Equity Basket. These book values are issued by the Underlying Funds once every month and are based on the net asset values as they are quarterly reported by the private equity funds in their portfolios. We herewith release an intermediary update of the preliminary figures for 2008. Report from the investment manager of the underlying investments In 2008, the private equity industry experienced a period of difficult market conditions. The impact of the economic downturn and financial crisis on the private equity industry was reflected in a lack of debt funding available for new deals, a challenging operating environment and resulting pressure on earnings, poor exit conditions, and a significant downward pressure on valuations. Given the market conditions and the time it will take to present the audited 2008 financial statements for Robeco’s private equity funds of funds (expected to be released in June 2009), we would like to share with you the preliminary 2008 results for the fund(s) in which you have invested. The following table shows the change in unrealized value during the year. The last column shows the percentage of underlying private equity funds that have provided us with year-end 2008 figures. Because not

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