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Fagron NV

Fagron NV

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Publicatie datum 13 mei 2014 - 17:45
Statutaire naam Fagron NV
Titel Annual General Meeting of Arseus
Bericht Waregem (Belgium) / Rotterdam (Netherlands)[1], 13 May 2014 - The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, held on 12 May 2014, was successful. The shareholders adopted, amongst other things, the annual accounts 2013 and determined the dividend over 2013 at € 0,72 per share. The shareholders granted full discharge to the directors and the statutory auditor who were active during the financial year 2013. The gross dividend paid out by Arseus (coupon number 7) will amount to € 0,72 per share. The net dividend will amount to € 0,54 per share, being gross dividend less 25% Belgian dividend withholding tax.