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European Assets Trust N.V.

European Assets Trust N.V.

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Publicatie datum 12 okt 2005 - 16:14
Statutaire naam European Assets Trust N.V.
Titel Temporary suspension of buy back programme
Bericht The shareholder circular issued by the Company dated 27 September 2005, referred to new European Union legislation coming into force in The Netherlands on 1 October 2005 in respect of dissemination and use of price sensitive information and inside information and in relation to market abuse. The circular further referred to the consequences of such legislation for share buy backs and sales of treasury shares being not clear and consequently the Board would keep the scope and implementation of the discount management policy under review. Following discussions between the Company and the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (‘AFM’), the Company has been advised that it should temporarily suspend the operation of its buy back programme. The Company is, consequently, seeking to expedite a change to the procedure for the operation of the buy back programme which should bring more clarity and should allow the buy back policy as previously stated to commence as soon as practicable. Enquires For further information, please contact: European Assets Trust NV Crispin Longden (Investment Manager) +44 (0)131 465 1000 Michael Campbell (Company Secretary) +44 (0)131 465 1000 Wilbert van Twuijver (FCA Management BV, Managing Director) +31 (0)10 201 3625

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