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  • Publicatie datum 02 okt 2015 - 16:38
  • Statutaire naam Volta Finance Limited
  • Titel Volta Finance Limited : Total voting rights
  • Bericht Volta Finance Limited (VTA) - Issue of Shares and Voting Rights NOT FOR RELEASE, DISTRIBUTION OR PUBLICATION, IN WHOLE OR IN PART, IN OR INTO THE UNITED STATES ***** Guernsey, 2 October 2015 Volta Finance Limited (the "Company" or "Volta") today announces in respect of the month ended 30 September 2015, the issue of 9,000 Ordinary Shares of no par value each, following the conversion of the same number of Class C Shares into Ordinary Shares by the Investment Manager (AXA IM Paris). In addition, a further 3,919 Class C Shares were converted into Ordinary Shares by AXA IM Paris in respect of the month ended 31 August 2015.

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