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  • Publicatie datum 27 jun 2008 - 15:19
  • Statutaire naam IFCO Systems N.V.
  • Titel IFCO SYSTEMS completes acquisition of STECO Group
  • Bericht IFCO SYSTEMS announces today that it has successfully completed the acquisition of all of the shares of STECO Holding GmbH and its subsidiaries. IFCO SYSTEMS and STECO already obtained antitrust clearances by the responsible antitrust authorities. All closing conditions have been satisfied as well. On April 16, 2008 IFCO SYSTEMS announced that it has signed an agreement on the purchase of the STECO group. The acquisition is being funded by IFCO’s own cash resources and a sellers note. STECO is one of Europe’s notable service providers for reusable plastic container (RPC). With the close of the transaction, the STECO group is now being integrated into the IFCO organization. The IFCO and the STECO team will work closely to maximise synergies to the benefit of their customers. IFCO SYSTEMS is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange and is indirectly majority owned by funds advised by Apax Partners Worldwide LLP. IFCO SYSTEMS is an international logistics service provider with more than 180 locations worldwide. IFCO SYSTEMS operates a pool of more than 84 million Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) globally, which are used primarily to transport fresh produce from producers to leading grocery retailers. In the United States, IFCO SYSTEMS also provides a national network of pallet management services. With more than 100 million pallets sorted, repaired and recycled annually, IFCO SYSTEMS is the market leader in this industry. In 2007, IFCO SYSTEMS generated revenues of US $692.5 million.

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