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28 mei 2015 Waarschuwing van een buitenlandse toezichthouder

Following questions and testimonies from French consumers, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) draws the public’s attention to the activities of 14 websites and operators that are not authorised to provide investment services on French territory.

The 14 websites and operators listed below claim to offer investments with "worthwhile and guaranteed returns" and to be able to "inform and advise" French investors:

- www.secureinvest.org
- www.gfi-consulting.com
- www.analystinvest.com
- www.natexiss-conseil.com
- www.financial-advice.net
- www.inter-finance.net
- www.expert-finance.net
- www.financial-strategie.com
- www.quantum-groupe.com
- www.ef-investing.com
- www.partenaire-finance.com
- www.fiducial-finance.com
- www.financial-international.net
- www.financialfutures.net

Despite their pitches, the 14 websites and operators are not authorised to provide investment services on French territory, and investment advisory services in particular.

Consequently, the AMF recommends that investors approached by these companies should not respond to their requests and should not pass them on to third parties in any way whatsoever.

You must not let any sales pitch distract you from the fact that a high potential return always involves a high risk.

To ensure that the intermediary offering financial products or services is authorised to operate in France, you can view the list of authorised investment service providers (https://www.regafi.fr) or the list of authorised intermediaries in the financial investment advisor (FIA) or collective investment advisor (CIA) categories (https://www.orias.fr/search). If the person does not appear in any of these lists, we strongly advise you not to respond to their sales communications.

Do you have any questions? You can find out more on our website http://www.amf-france.org or contact the AMF investment information department team on +33 (0)1 5345 6200, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

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