Kuva Limited

29 jan 2016 Waarschuwing van een buitenlandse toezichthouder


The Bermuda Monetary Authority (the Authority) advises the public that it has located what appears to be a clone firm, “Kuva Limited’.

The following website – www.kuvaltd.com – promotes an investment firm named ‘Kuva Limited’ and falsely claims it is regulated by the Authority. The public should be aware that this entity is NOT regulated, authorised or licensed by the Authority. There are a number of other false statements made on the website – the Authority advises caution in engaging in business through this website. The Authority has added this entity to its warning list of unauthorised firms and individuals which can be found at www.bma.bm/SitePages/warning-list.aspx.

There is a legitimate, Bermuda-registered entity named Kuva Limited, which operates an authorised investment fund and is correctly listed on the Authorised Funds section of the Authority’s website. It is in no way associated with ‘Kuva Limited’ mentioned above.

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