Keswick Capital Corp.

03 jun 2014 Waarschuwing van een buitenlandse toezichthouder

Warning from British Columbia Securities Commission.

Keswick Capital Corp.

Date added: June 03, 2014
666 Burrard Street
Park Place, Suite 500
Vancouver, BC V6C 3P6

Website: www.keswickcapital.com
E-mail: main@keswickcapital.com
Phone: (778) 819-8351
Fax: (778) 819-8352

We recently became aware of the website of Keswick Capital Corp. (Keswick), located at http://www.keswickcapital.com On its website, Keswick represents that it conducts business at 666 Burrard Street, Park Place, Suite 500, Vancouver, BC, V6C 3P6. Keswick purports to offer asset management and electronic trading for retail clients, and private equity and venture capital funding for corporate clients, among other things.

BC residents can download an account opening form directly from Keswick's website, to become a client of Keswick.

Keswick is not registered in BC to trade or advise in securities, and has not qualified any investment offerings by way of a prospectus. We caution BC residents against sending any funds to Keswick or other unregistered persons purporting to offer securities trading and/or advisory services.

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