Bohemia Partners

25 sep 2015 Waarschuwing van een buitenlandse toezichthouder

The Czech National Bank wishes to point out activities of Bohemia Partners and Bohemia Partners One Ltd., contact address PO Box 257, Jonson Jones Building, Government Road, Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies. The said companies are offering, among other things, investment in the World's Largest Bingo investment securities in the Czech Republic via a web presentation at http://bohemiapartners.com/cz/, without publishing a security prospectus approved by the CNB or a supervisory authority of another EU Member State. Statutory, verifiable and understandable information about the securities being offered has thus not been made available to investors. The CNB also wishes to point out that Bohemia Partners and Bohemia Partners One Ltd. currently have no authorisation to provide investment services or other services on the financial market in the Czech Republic and are not supervised by the CNB. A potential investment is not insured by law.


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