Unauthorized persons claiming to be BLS Capital Fondsmæglerselskab A/S

02 dec 2015 Waarschuwing van een buitenlandse toezichthouder

Warning from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

The Danish FSA has been informed that unauthorized persons are claiming to be BLS Capital Fondsmæglerselskab A/S. These persons use the name BLS Capital. It’s not possible to find any homepage for the company.

These persons should not be mistaken with BLS Capital Fondsmæglerselskab A/S, which is under Danish supervision.

Companies which are authorized to carry out financial services in Denmark can be found at The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority's homepage (https://www.finanstilsynet.dk/en/Tal-og-fakta/Virksomheder-under-tilsyn/VUT.aspx?sc_lang=en).

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