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The marketmonitor is a digital questionnaire that is sent every year to enterprises subject to supervision by the AFM. The AFM issues the marketmonitor in the first quarter of each year. 

What is the Market Monitor for?

The Market Monitor gives us insight into developments in the market, insight into the quality of your business operation and the extent to which you comply with applicable legislation and regulation. The AFM uses this information to refine its supervision. For instance, the Market Monitor helps us to determine the themes that we will review. For us therefore, it is very important that enterprises complete the Market Monitor properly.

What can you expect?

The Market Monitor consists of general questions, and also specific questions on certain activities of your enterprise. The general questions also cover business data on financial activity in the Caribbean Netherlands. The specific questions concern certain activities and also various important issues in relation to legislation and regulation that affect your enterprise in the Caribbean Netherlands. The Market Monitor also includes questions put by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).

How should you complete the Market Monitor?

You will be sent instructions by e-mail for logging into a digital environment where the questionnaire can be completed. The questionnaire must be completed within 6 weeks, and can only be completed in digital form. You have a legal obligation to cooperate with the completion of the questionnaire.

Confidentiality and privacy are assured

The AFM processes the personal data provided in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with due care and attention.

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