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  • Publicatie datum 31 mei 2006 - 08:08
  • Statutaire naam Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • Titel Philips updates markets on Medical Systems business in meeting with financial analysts
  • Bericht May 31, 2006 PHILIPS UPDATES MARKETS ON MEDICAL SYSTEMS BUSINESS IN MEETING WITH FINANCIAL ANALYSTS Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Today, at a meeting with investors and financial analysts, Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) will provide an update on the company’s performance in its Medical Systems division, also introducing major emerging developments in healthcare innovations shaping the future direction of this business. Medical Systems speeding up growth while driving value creation At the meeting, Philips will detail how the company’s Medical Systems business continues to serve as one of the growth engines for the company, with the Medical Systems management team remaining focused on value creation through ongoing operational improvements. In commenting on the day’s meeting, Mr. Jouko Karvinen, CEO of Philips Medical Systems, said: “In Medical Systems, Philips has continued to gain market share over the past two years as we’ve continued accelerating our revenue growth and order intake. As we speed up our operational improvements, sourcing efficiencies and the scope and reach of our service activities, we expect to return to the path of improving margins during the second half of 2006.” In today’s meeting, senior management from Philips Medical Systems will also discuss the company’s recent rapid growth into the Asia-Pacific healthcare market, as well as advances being made in imaging systems, patient monitoring and healthcare informatics. The presentations will also address Philips’ presence throughout the care cycle, and how new medical paradigms, such as molecular medicine, are presenting opportunities for managing diseases more cost effectively. Consumer Health & Wellness to step up activities in remote home healthcare solutions The meeting will end with concluding remarks by Pierre-Jean Sivignon, CFO of Royal Philips Electronics on Philips’ expanding activities in the area of consumer health and wellness. “Following our recently announced ac

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