Hans Bernauer / HB Trading

03 May 2016 Waarschuwing van een buitenlandse toezichthouder

Central Bank of Ireland Issues Warning on Unauthorised Firm 

It has recently come to the Central Bank of Ireland’s (‘Central Bank’) attention that a firm, calling itself

Hans Bernauer (www.hansbernauer.com)

has been operating as an investment firm in the State in the absence of an appropriate authorisation. This unauthorised firm has cloned the details of a previously registered Austrian insurance intermediary, also called Hans Bernauer, which had been permitted to provide such services in Ireland. 

It should be noted that there is no connection whatsoever between the previously registered insurance intermediary Hans Bernauer and the unauthorised entity that has cloned its details.


Warning from the Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong.

Name:  Hans Bernauer
Type:  Unlicensed entities
Address(es):  Suite 6601, The Centre, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Website: www.hansbernauer.com
Remarks:  The company gives the above Hong Kong address but it is not located there.
Add date:  15 Jan 2016
Note: Unlicensed entities often use names similar to legitimate companies to confuse investors.


The Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) of the United Kingdom would like to alert all recipients that:

Boiler Room Name: Hans Bernauer / HB Trading (clone of EEA authorised firm)

Address: 50 Broadway, Victoria, London, SW10RG
City Point, Temple Gate, Bristol, BS16PL 2205 Single Business Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
62F Suite, 6601, The Centre, Central, Hong Kong Oberellbogen 64C, Ellbogen, A6082, Austria
Telephone: 0203 808 3839, 011739550915, 0085258010249
Website: www.hansbernauer.com

is NOT authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”) to carry on a regulated activity in the United Kingdom. Regulated activities include, amongst other things, advising on investments and dealing and arranging deals in investments ("investments" include stocks and shares).

The FCA believes that this organisation may be targeting UK customers. Therefore, we have added this firm to our list of unauthorised firms and individuals list. This list can be found at: http://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/protect-yourself/unauthorised-firms/unauthorised-firms-to-avoid

This entity is cloning the name and address of a FCA authorised firm. The following FCA authorised firm has no association whatsoever with the organisation discussed above identifying itself as Hans Bernauer / HB Trading:

Name: Hans Bernauer
Firm reference number: 450719
Address: Oberellbogen 64C, Ellbogen, A-6082, Austria


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