Global Marketing Solutions d.o.o., GCM Marketing Ltd. and Lyxor Ltd.

29 dec 2015 Waarschuwing van een buitenlandse toezichthouder

P U B L I C  W A R N I N G
against companies

Global Marketing Solutions d.o.o.,
GCM Marketing Ltd. and
Lyxor Ltd.

Slovene Securities Market Agency is warning investors about activities of the companies:

  • Lyxor Ltd., 112 Bonadie Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent and
  • Global Marketing Solutions d.o.o., Severni Bulevar 6, Beograd, Serbia.

The abovementioned companies have not obtained the Agency’s authorization according to Market in Financial Instruments Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia 108/10, 78/11, 55/12, 105/12- ZBan-1J and 63/13 ZS-K) or any other securities law to carry out services in the financial instruments field in Slovenia and by the date of this warning the Agency has not received any documentation proving that the authorization is sought in order to acquire that authorization. Companies are also not authorized to provide direct investment services and deals related to financial instruments on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

The list of the entities with the Agency's authorization is available on the Agency's website www.a-tvp.si, investment services and deals in Slovenia is also available on the Bank of Slovenia’s website http://www.bsi.si/en/banking-supervision.asp?MapaId=105.


The Agency strongly urges investors considering dealing with those companies to exercise the greatest possible caution before proceeding, bearing in mind the contents of this public notice.

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