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Net short positions (current)

This register include the notifications of significant net short positions in shares as required under the Regulation on short selling and certain aspects of credit default swaps.

A natural or legal person holding a net short position in the issued capital of a company whose shares are admitted to trading on a trading platform shall issue notification on each occasion that the position reaches the threshold of 0.5% of the issued capital of the company concerned and on each occasion that it reaches 0.1% above this level. Notification is made via this register.

As soon as a significant net short position goes below the 0.5% threshold, the notification will continue to be visible in the Current Notifications section of the register for one further business day. The notification will then be moved to the Archive section.

If a share has its principal trading venue in a non-EU country, articles 5, 6, 12 and 15 of the afore mentioned regulation are not applicable to that share, and short sell positions in that share do not need to be notified to the AFM. The list of exempted shares is available from ESMA’s website via the accompanying link.   

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Date last update: 05 December 2023