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Crypto companies

The AFM is the supervisor responsible for handling licence applications from crypto-asset service providers (CASPs, see Article 63 MiCAR) and notifications from other financial institutions (see Article 60 MiCAR). Market participants can submit CASP licence applications or notifications to the AFM from 22 April 2024. If approved, the licences or notifications can be used from 30 December 2024.

AFM and DNB advise enterprises that intend to provide crypto-asset services in the Netherlands to submit a license or notification request at the AFM, instead of applying for a registration at DNB. This approach is more efficient for all parties involved. If potential CASP’s submit a registration request at DNB after the middle of 2024, they risk having to pay costs with no guarantee of obtaining a registration in 2024 because of the lead time of the assessment.


If you have any questions about our supervision of crypto products and services, please contact us at crypto@afm.nl.

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As a supervisory authority, the AFM is responsible for processing license applications from providers of crypto asset services (CASPs, Article 63 MiCAR) and notifications from other financial institutions (Article 60 MiCAR).


The AFM has the leading role in supervising crypto-asset service providers (CASPs) and other crypto assets and in supervision aimed at preventing market abuse.