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Data reporting service providers

In order to be able to provide data reporting services in the Netherlands, you must apply for a licence from the AFM. This licence application is about providing an APA, ARM or CTP.

License application

To obtain a licence, you must meet certain requirements. These include a proper that persons who determine the policy of an enterprise either solely or jointly or who supervise such policy must be proper and fit for the performance of their tasks.


The AFM charges €200 per hour spent on reviewing your application with a maximum of €100.000. The AFM aims to process your licence application as soon as possible. The assessment of the application and all annexes takes time. A complete and clear application makes it possible for us to process your application faster.

Apply for a licence

License expansion

A data reporting service provider can expand its current licence with other data reporting services. You have to apply for a licence expansion with the AFM.


To obtain a licence expansion, you have to meet certain requirements. This includes that at least one person who determines the policy of your enterprise must be proper and fit for the service with which the licence is expanded. Also, the description of your business must be adapted to fit the new service.


The AFM charges €200 per hour to a maximum of €100.000.

Apply for a licence expansion