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In this register you can search for investment firms. In addition, you can also search for credit institutions offering investment services.

Licensing requirement

In the Netherlands, only investment firms having obtained a licence from AFM and credit institutions having obtained a licence from DNB may offer investment services and/or perform investment activities.

More information about licences and exemptions 

Searching the register

You can search for undertakings in this register by selecting a category and/or using one or more search terms. If your search is successful one or more search results will be shown. By selecting an undertaking you can view the information concerned. Finally, you can scroll through the list of search results by using the arrows at the bottom of the search results.


For more information on investment firms, you may contact AFM’s Financial Markets Information Line.

1435 Results
Registered name Trade name Place Country
1Vermogensbeheer B.V. 1Vermogensbeheer B.V. Bussum Nederland
2B Trading B.V. 2B Trading B.V. Baarn Nederland
323 Trading B.V. 323 Trading B.V. Amsterdam Nederland
360 Treasury Systems AG 360 Treasury Systems AG FRANKFURT AM MAIN Duitsland
3D Global Financial Services Ltd 3D Global Financial Services Ltd LIMASSOL Cyprus
42 financial services a.s. 42 financial services a.s. Praag Tsjechië
4Capital Vermogensbeheer B.V. 4Capital Vermogensbeheer B.V., Care4Capital Heemstede Nederland
7orca Asset Management AG 7orca Asset Management AG Hamburg Duitsland
7Q Financial Services Ltd 7Q Financial Services Ltd Nicosia Cyprus
9Street Capital Markets B.V. 9Street Capital Markets B.V. Amsterdam Nederland
A I M Trading SA A I M Trading SA RIJMENAM België
A.J.K. Wealth Management Limited A.J.K. Wealth Management Limited Larnaca Cyprus
A.N. Allnew Investments Ltd A.N. Allnew Investments Ltd Lanarca Cyprus
A.T. Equities Spain, A.V.B. S.A. A.T. Equities Spain, A.V.B. S.A. MADRID Spanje
A.T.I. Associates (Cyprus) Ltd A.T.I. Associates (Cyprus) Ltd PHAPHOS Cyprus
A/S Global Risk Management Ltd. Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Global Risk Management Ltd. Fondsmæglerselskab
AAA Trade Ltd AAA Trade Ltd Limassol Cyprus
AB Svensk Exportkredit AB Svensk Exportkredit STOCKHOLM Zweden
Aberfeld Asset Management B.V. Aberfeld Asset Management B.V., Aberfeld Vermogensbeheer Haarlem Nederland
ABG Sundal Collier AB ABG Sundal Collier AB STOCKHOLM Zweden
ABG Sundal Collier ASA ABG Sundal Collier ASA OSLO Noorwegen
ABN AMRO - ODDO BHF B.V. ABN AMRO - ODDO BHF B.V. Amsterdam Nederland
ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance N.V. ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance N.V., ABN AMRO ABF, ACF Nederland, ACF Finance, ACF International, Amstel Lease, ABN AMRO Commercial Finance Holding, ACF, ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, ACFSPEEDATA, ACF Factoring, ABN AMRO Lease Utrecht Nederland
ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Carbon Custody Services, ABN AMRO, Slavenburg's Bank, Bankiershuis Mulder Ten Cate, ABN AMRO Settlement Services, ABN AMRO MeesPierson, Arn. Theod. Solling & Co, Carbon Settlement Services, Lentjes & Drossaerts, Direct Escrow, ABN AMRO Escrow & Settlement Services, ABN AMRO Bank, ABN AMRO Escrow, Friesch-Hollandsche Hypotheekbank, Escrow Direct, Icestar, Knoppers-Bogaers-de Wit Commissionairs in Effecten en Vermogensbeheer, ABN AMRO Carbon Settlement Services, KBW Wesselius Effectenbank, ABN AMRO Escrow & Settlement, Verenigde Spaarbank, ABN AMRO Escrow Services, ABN AMRO Mees Pierson, Centrumbank, ABN AMRO Carbon Custody Services, Nederlandse Credietbank, MoneYou, VSB Bank, Bank voor Zeeland, MeesPierson, Generale Bank Nederland, NCB Bank, Sallandsche Bank, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Amsterdam Nederland
ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V. ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V., ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V. Amsterdam Nederland
ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago LLC ABN AMRO Clearing Chicago LLC Chicago
ABN AMRO Groenbank B.V. ABN AMRO Groenbank B.V. Amsterdam Nederland
ABN AMRO Hypotheken Groep B.V. Combi BudgetPlus Hypotheken, ABN AMRO Hypotheken Groep, Direktbank, Direktbank Praktijkvoorziening, Direktbank Woninghypotheken, Direktbank Vastgoed Hypotheken, WoonNexxt Hypotheken, Florius, ABN AMRO Hypotheken Groep B.V., MNF Bank, Albank Hypotheekbank, Alkmaar Hypotheken, CombiVoordeel Hypotheken, Albank, Combi-Hypotheken Amersfoort Nederland
abrdn Investments Ireland Limited abrdn Investments Ireland Limited DUBLIN Ierland
Abts & Partners Abts & Partners Luxemburg
AC Markets (Europe) Ltd AC Markets (Europe) Ltd Limassol Cyprus
Accuindex EU Limited Accuindex EU Limited Limassol
Accunia Fondsmaeglerselskab A/S Accunia Fondsmaeglerselskab A/S Kopenhagen Denemarken
Accuro NV Accuro NV ANTWERPEN België
Achmea Bank N.V. Achmea Bank, Levob, Avéro Achmea, Zilveren Kruis, Zilveren Kruis Achmea, Achmea Bank N.V., Achmea Bank N.V., Woonfonds Hypotheken, FBTO, Woonfonds, Centraal Beheer, Acier Financieringen Tilburg Nederland
ACOLIN Europe AG ACOLIN Europe AG Duitsland
Acolin Europe GmbH Acolin Europe GmbH Konstanz Duitsland
ACT Financial Solutions B.V. ACT Financial Solutions B.V. Amsterdam Nederland
ActivTrades Europe S.A. ActivTrades Europe S.A. Luxemburg
Adamant Capital Partners AD Adamant Capital Partners AD SOFIA Bulgarije
Adams Street (Europe) GmbH Adams Street (Europe) GmbH München Duitsland
Adlatus Aktiengesellschaft Adlatus Aktiengesellschaft Chemnitz Duitsland
Admiral Markets AS Admiral Markets AS TALLINN Estland
Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd. Admiral Markets, Admirals, Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd. Nicosia Cyprus
Adyen N.V. Adyen N.V. Amsterdam Nederland
Aegon Bank N.V. Spaarbeleg, Aegon Bank, Aegon, Aegon Bank N.V., Knab Amsterdam Nederland
Aeonic Securities C.I.F. Plc Aeonic Securities C.I.F. Plc LARNACA Cyprus
Afex Markets Europe Limited Afex Markets Europe Limited
AFS E-Venues B.V. AFS E-Venues B.V. Amsterdam Nederland
AFS Execution Services B.V. AFS Execution Services B.V., IWB Independent Wholesale Brokerage B.V. Amsterdam Nederland

Date last update: 06 February 2023