Strategy 2023-2026

We strive for a sustainable financial system in the Netherlands, justified confidence in this system and innovation of the financial sector as a whole. We do this against the backdrop of an ever-evolving world. In the coming period, we will focus mainly on digitalisation, greater sustainability and internationalisation.

These fundamental, long-term developments will continue to affect the operation of the financial markets, our direction and our supervisory approach. In addition, we will need to become more versatile and inquisitive as an organisation, hire motivated and talented staff and make use of high-quality data and IT facilities. This will help us take a risk-based, data-driven and result-oriented approach to our supervisory role.

We have summarised our strategy in the Strategy House.

AFM Strategiehuis


AFM Strategy 2020-2022

The financial playing field is becoming more international and increasingly driven by technology. New trading platforms with super-fast trading based on algorithms pose new supervisory challenges. The AMF's strategy document outlines the focus areas of the AFM in the coming years. The AFM’s strategy for 2020-2022 builds on the renewal and strengthening of its supervision initiated in recent years, and includes adaptation to external developments. The AFM’s supervision covers four areas: financial services, capital markets, asset management and auditing. The strategy sets the key priority in each area for the coming years. The AFM aims to achieve its supervisory targets by being proactive, data driven and influential.

Download the AFM Strategy 2020-2022 (pdf, 5mb)