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Standard amounts of credit rating

Credit providers are not allowed to grant loans if doing so is not responsible. The credit provider or adviser must obtain information regarding the consumer’s financial position. It is important that the consumer is willing and able to afford the costs of this maximum mortgage or consumer credit. The customer’s situation must be taken as the point of departure.

Standard amounts of credit rating

These standard amounts are laid down in Section 2:5 of the RfmBES and are adjusted every year in April by the Minister of Finance. The standard amounts are set for the different household compositions. The assessment also includes the costs of living. The standard amounts are intended for loans you will provide from 1 April 2022. The standards have been indexed in line with prices. Prices increased with 1,7% last year on Bonaire, decreased with 0,2% on St. Eustatius, and increased with 1,6% on Saba.

Model maximum lending

To calculate the maximum loans, the AFM has drawn up a calculation model: model for maximum lending. Section 7:17 (3) Bfm BES states how the monthly amount the customer can afford to pay for finance has to be calculated. In the creditworthiness assessment, an assumption is used for the fixed expenses of the applicant. These fixed expenses can be divided into a fixed component and an income-related component. The fixed component, referred to as a ‘standard amount', contains the local necessary expenses to be able to provide for a specific standard of living.

Calculation tool for APR and monthly annuity

You can use the calculator developed by the European Union to work out the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which equates to the Jaarlijkse Kosten Percentage (JKP) in Dutch. You can also use the tool to work out the monthly repayment on the loan. The tool works for both consumer and mortgage loans. It is based on the Consumer Credit Directive and the Mortgage Credit Directive.
This module can be used in various languages. The instructions with the tool explain how this model can be used in a few steps.