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Supervisory Board

The AFM has a Supervisory Board, which is responsible for monitoring whether the AFM's tasks are carried out properly by the Executive Board, with due observance of the applicable legislation and the principles of good governance.

Members of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is also responsible for approving the AFM's annual plan and budget and adopting the annual accounts. Executive Board resolutions of major strategic importance - e.g. to adopt or alter policy plans for the medium or long term, change the organisational structure, appoint or dismiss the external auditor, amend the Statutes or accept new tasks - are submitted to the Supervisory Board in advance for approval.

The Minister of Finance has the power to appoint and dismiss the members of the Supervisory Board. Members are appointed to the Supervisory Board based on nominations by the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board consists of the following persons:

- S. (Sander) Dekker (chair)
- W.M. (Willemijn) van Dolen (vice chair)
- L. (Leontine) van der Goes
- R.G.J. (Rob) Langezaal
- D.W. (David) Voetelink

Additional offices

A summary of the additional offices of the members of the Supervisory Board insofar as they are relevant to the performance of the duties as a member of the Supervisory Board is presented below.

S. (Sander) Dekker

Board Member Maasstadziekenhuis Rotterdam
Owner DKKR Strategy & Consulting
Senior Research Fellow, Nederlandse School voor Openbaar Bestuur
Member of accrediting committee of Bachelor Security Studies and Master Crisis and Security Management at Universiteit Leiden.
Permanent member Scouting committee VVD


W.M. (Willemijn) van Dolen

Professor of Marketing University of Amsterdam
Member of the Board of the canal festival Member of the Supervisory Board of Analytics for a Better World Institute

L.(Leontine) van der Goes

Owner/consultant Onwards Strategy
Chair of the Supervisory Board  Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
Vice-chair and member auditcommissie Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam
Chair of the Board  Amsterdamsche kring
Chair of the board Stichting de tienduizend dingen


R.G.J. (Rob) Langezaal

Owner LanBon bedrijfsadvies en coaching Advisor to Burgy restauratie bouwbedrijf BV Sparringpartner IMK Sparren
Member of the Supervisory Board Newton Energy
Member of the board stichting 155

D.W. (David) Voetelink

Member of the Supervisory Board Flevoziekenhuis Almere
Chair of the Supervisory Board Elisabeth-TweeSteden Ziekenhuis Tilburg
Member of the Board Nijenrode Business University