Step 4: Contact the Financial Markets Information Line

The AFM takes action when these undertakings break the rules. This we can do based on the complaints we receive and if there is sufficient information to initiate an inquiry.

It is therefore also important to always send a copy of your letter to the AFM's Financial Markets Information Line. This can be done anonymously. Enclose all relevant information, so the AFM will be able to take targeted action.

The information we need from you:

  • contract or agreement
  • information that shows what product is involved
  • information that shows when you purchased the product

What can the AFM do for you?

The AFM can institute an investigation into a financial undertaking that may have broken the rules. If necessary, the AFM can consult with the undertaking, impose a fine or revoke its licence. Your complaint can also contribute to amendment of legislation and regulations.

What does the AFM not do?

The AFM cannot mediate on your behalf or determine that your complaint is well-founded. You will have to apply to the Kifid or the courts for this purpose. The AFM cannot inform you whether an investigation will be conducted pursuant to your complaint. The AFM will inform you if your complaint leads to a publication.

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