DSC Finance B.V.

DSC Finance B.V.

Below you will find information from the register financial service providers.

Statutory name DSC Finance B.V.
Trade name DSC Finance B.V.
License number 12042898
Place of residence P.J. Oudweg 5, 1314CH, Almere
Country Nederland
KvK 61873454


Financial service Product Date of entrance End date
Financial serviceBemiddelenProductSchadeverzekeringen particulierDate of entrance11 mar 2015End date
Financial serviceBemiddelenProductSchadeverzekeringen zakelijkDate of entrance11 mar 2015End date
Financial serviceBemiddelenProductZorgverzekeringenDate of entrance11 mar 2015End date


Name License number
NameB.R. KampstraLicense number12042898
NameK. van SlotenLicense number12042898

Affiliated institutions

Statutory name Trade name Place of residence Date of entrance
Statutory nameQuantifiedTrade nameQuantifiedPlace of residenceDate of entrance26 jan 2017

Date last update: 20 March 2023