Primera Jos van Andel

Primera Jos van Andel

Below you will find information from the register financial service providers.

Statutory name Primera Jos van Andel
Trade name Primera Jos van Andel
Place of residence Oud-Beijerland
KvK 23082432

Associated mediators via

Statutory name Trade name Place of residence Date of entrance
Statutory nameING Bank N.V.Trade nameING Bank N.V., WestlandUtrecht Bank, WestlandUtrecht Bank, ING Bank, ING Corporate PKI, ING InsideBusiness, ING PKI Service Centre, ING Card, ING Direct, ING Financial Markets, ING Real Estate Finance, Way2Pay, ING, Yolt, Internationale Nederlanden Bank, FINN Banking of Things, ING Securities Services, ING Bank N.V.Place of residenceDate of entrance

Date last update: 27 March 2023