What is meant by “cluster munition”?

For the definition of “cluster munition”, Section 21a(1)(a) of the Market Abuse Decree under the Financial Supervision Act refers to Article 2(2) of the Convention on Cluster Munitions. 

The Convention was published in Treaty Series 2009-45. 

According to the definition in Article 2(2) of the Convention, cluster munition means “a conventional munition that is designed to disperse or release explosive submunitions each weighing less than 20 kilograms, and includes those explosive submunitions”. 

Three categories of munition are excluded under Articles 2(2)(a) to 2(2)(c): 

  1. “A munition or submunition designed to dispense flares, smoke, pyrotechnics or chaff; or a munition designed exclusively for an air defence role”; 
  2. “A munition or submunition designed to produce electrical or electronic effects”; 
  3. “A munition that, in order to avoid indiscriminate area effects and the risks posed by unexploded submunitions, has all of the following characteristics”: 
    1. “Each munition contains fewer than ten explosive submunitions”; 
    2. “Each explosive submunition weighs more than four kilograms”; 
    3. “Each explosive submunition is designed to detect and engage a single target object”; 
    4. “Each explosive submunition is equipped with an electronic self-destruction mechanism”; 
    5. “Each explosive submunition is equipped with an electronic self-deactivating feature”;   

Link to the Convention:
The English text is “authentic” (original text); later in the document is a Dutch translation. 

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