How do I complete the model ‘maximum amount of credit to be provided’ if:

  1. I want to include overtime in the calculation of the maximum credit.
    A credit provider can apply its own policy with respect to deciding whether overtime should be counted when establishing the net income. The overtime however must be permanent. It must be shown that the income is ‘fixed and consistent’ (Section 7:17 Bfm BES).
  2. The actual housing costs are $0?
    If there are no housing costs, $0 should be entered in the model as the actual housing costs. For a single person living on Bonaire for example, the standard amount in 2017 is $689. The AFM expects there to be information in the file explaining how the housing costs are $0.
  3. The customer has a credit card?
    The AFM advises assuming a term for the credit card of up to five years. The calculation can be based on at least 5% of the maximum amount that can be withdrawn on the credit card. If the customer actually has a higher percentage to repay, obviously this higher percentage has to be used for the calculation.
  4. The type of household is not listed in the model?
    If the customer’s type of household is not listed in the model, you should enter the household type that most closely corresponds to the actual situation. If for example there is a household with two adults and four children, you should enter two adults and two children as the household type.

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