ACM VVE-Management B.V.

Below you will find information from the register financial service providers. The information has been provided by the organisation.

  • Statutory name ACM VVE-Management B.V.
  • Trade name ACM VVE-Management B.V.
  • Place of residence NIJMEGEN
  • Country Nederland
  • KvK 12041923

Affiliated institutions via

Statutory name Trade name Place of residence Date of entrance
Rivez Assurantiën en Risicobeheer B.V. Trade name Rivez Assurantiën en Risicobeheer B.V., Achten & Groot, Partners in Risicobeheer, Huis in Venray, Lancyr Rivez, Rivez Assurantiën en Risicobeheer B.V., Jan Lucassen Assurantiën, VerzekeringsDiscounter , E&H Direct, E&H Advies Place of residence VENRAY Date of entrance 18 jan 2016

Date last update: 20 January 2019

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