Schroder GAIA

Below you will find information from the register collective investment schemes. The information has been provided by the organisation.

  • Statutory name Schroder GAIA
  • Trade name Schroder GAIA
  • Place of residence SENNINGERBERG
  • Country Luxemburg

EU-passport (incoming)

Financial service Product Date of entrance
EER-ICBE Product Financieel instrument Date of entrance 11 dec 2009

Collective investment schemes

Institution Type Karakterstructuur Product ICBE Offer Professionals Offer Retail Date of registration
Schroder GAIA Type Beleggingsmaatschappij Karakterstructuur Open End Product Financieel instrument ICBE ICBE Date of registration 14 dec 2009
  Type Subfondsen
  Type Schroder GAIA - Bluetrend Date of registration 21 okt 2015
  Type Schroder GAIA - BSP Credit Date of registration 05 jun 2015
  Type Schroder GAIA - CAT Bond Date of registration 01 okt 2013
  Type Schroder GAIA - Conatus Equity Date of registration 04 mei 2017
  Type Schroder GAIA - Egerton Equity Date of registration 14 dec 2009
  Type Schroder GAIA - Indus Pacifichoice Date of registration 20 jun 2016
  Type Schroder GAIA - KKR Credit Date of registration 29 okt 2013
  Type Schroder GAIA - Paulson Merger Arbitrage Date of registration 17 jun 2014
  Type Schroder GAIA - Sirios US Equity Date of registration 18 feb 2013
  Type Schroder GAIA - Two Sigma Diversified Date of registration 07 jul 2016

Date last update: 13 December 2017

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