WEA Audit B.V.

Below you will find information from the register audit firms. The information has been provided by the audit firm.

  • Name organisation WEA Audit B.V.
  • License number 13000736
  • Legal form Besloten Vennootschap
  • Address Piet Heinstraat 17
    4461GL GOES
  • Contact information drs. M.J. van Doorne
    Postbus 30
    4460AA GOES
  • Internet address
  • License date 29 sep 2008
  • License status Verleend
  • Statutory audits for PIE's Nee

Policymakers and co-policymakers

Name Business address Postal code City Member supervisory body Registration number NBA RA Registration number NBA AA Foreign professional body Registration number foreign professional body Disciplinary measure
T.W. van der Have Business address Postbus 30 Postal code 4460AA City GOES Member supervisory body nee
H.M. van der Wal Member supervisory body nee Registration number NBA RA 8088

External auditors (employed by the audit firm)

Name Registration number NBA RA Registration number NBA AA Foreign supervisory authority Registration number foreign supervisory authority Disciplinary measure
C. T. de Jonge Registration number NBA RA 19773
Onno Zijp Registration number NBA RA 17704

Network components and affiliates

Location publicy available

Detail network components and affiliates

Name component / affiliate Address Postal code City Country
maatschap WEA Midden-Holland, Accountants & Adviseurs Address Noothoven van Goorstraat 11a b Postal code 2806RA City Gouda
Maatschap WEA Noord-Holland Address Molenwerf 48 Postal code 1911DB City Uitgeest
Maatschap WEA Roosendaal Address Multatulilaan 10 Postal code 4707LZ City ROOSENDAAL
Maatschap WEA Zuid-West Address Singelstraat 3 Postal code 4461HZ City GOES
Maatschap Westelijke Accountantskantoren Deltaland Address Maseratilaan 10 Postal code 3261NA City Oud-Beijerland
Maatschap Zeeland Address Absdaalseweg 43 Postal code 4561GE City Hulst
Wea Accountants & Adviseurs Naaldwijk Address Stokdijkkade 16 Postal code 2671GW City Naaldwijk
WEA Coƶperatie U.A. Address Piet Heinstraat 17 Postal code 4461GL City GOES
WEA Randstad Accountants & Adviseurs B.V. Address De Fruittuinen 30 Postal code 2132NZ City HOOFDDORP
WEA Zeeland Address Park Veldzigt 75 Postal code 4336DX City MIDDELBURG

Date last update: 18 December 2017

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