The Audit Generation B.V.

Below you will find information from the register audit firms. The information has been provided by the audit firm.

  • Name organisation The Audit Generation B.V.
  • License number 13020115
  • Legal form Besloten Vennootschap
  • Address Vleutensevaart 100
    3532AD Utrecht
  • Contact information A.M. van Diermen
    Vleutensevaart 100
    3532AD Utrecht
  • Internet address
  • License date 16 jul 2019
  • License status Verleend
  • Statutory audits for PIE's Nee


Name Address Postal code City Disciplinary measure
A.M. van Diermen Address Vleutensevaart 100 Postal code 3532AD City Utrecht
C.E.M. van Houts-Haenen Address Vleutensevaart 100 Postal code 3532AD City Utrecht

External auditors (affiliated to the audit firm)

Name Registration number NBA RA Registration number NBA AA Foreign supervisory authority Registration number foreign supervisory authority Disciplinary measure
A.M. van Diermen Registration number NBA RA 37857
C.E.M. van Houts-Haenen Registration number NBA RA 36701

Network components and affiliates

Location publicy available

Detail network components and affiliates

Name component / affiliate Address Postal code City Country
Cheeta Audit Solutions B.V. Address Oostersingel 37 Postal code 4101GH City Culemborg Country Nederland

Date last update: 28 January 2020

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