Reanda Audit & Assurance B.V.

Below you will find information from the register audit firms. The information has been provided by the audit firm.

  • Name organisation Reanda Audit & Assurance B.V.
  • License number 13020069
  • Legal form Besloten Vennootschap
  • Address Parnassusweg 819
    1082LZ Amsterdam
  • Contact information G.A.J. Uijtendaal
    Parnassusweg 819
    1082LZ Amsterdam
    020 8006190
  • Internet address
  • License date 22 dec 2016
  • License status Verleend
  • Statutory audits for PIE's Nee

Policymakers and co-policymakers

Name Business address Postal code City Member supervisory body Registration number NBA RA Registration number NBA AA Foreign professional body Registration number foreign professional body Disciplinary measure
G.A.J. Uijtendaal Business address Parnassusweg 819 Postal code 1082 LZ City Amsterdam Member supervisory body nee Registration number NBA AA 44164

External auditors (employed by the audit firm)

Name Registration number NBA RA Registration number NBA AA Foreign supervisory authority Registration number foreign supervisory authority Disciplinary measure
G.A.J. Uijtendaal Registration number NBA AA 44164

Network components and affiliates

Location publicy available

Detail network components and affiliates

Name component / affiliate Address Postal code City Country
Reanda International Network
Scope Holding Amsterdam B.V. Address Parnassusweg 819 Postal code 1082LZ City Amsterdam Country Nederland

Date last update: 18 January 2020

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