Sluijs, van der R.

Below you will find information from the register managers' transactions MAR 19. The information has been provided by the organisation.

  • Issuing institution Sligro Food Group N.V.
  • Notifiable Sluijs, van der R.
  • Transaction 01 apr 2014


ISIN Product Purchase/Sale Quantity Price Unit
  Product SLIGRO, Personeelsoptie Purchase/Sale Verkoop Quantity 2400 Price 0 Unit EUR

Aggregated information

ISIN Product Purchase quantity Sale quantity Purchase price Sale price Unit
  Product SLIGRO, Personeelsoptie Purchase quantity 0 Sale quantity 2400 Purchase price 0.0000 Sale price 0.0000 Unit EUR
NL0000817179 Product SLIGRO, Aandeel Purchase quantity 2521 Sale quantity 2400 Purchase price 24.1900 Sale price 29.7300 Unit EUR

Date last update: 22 September 2019

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