Bpifrance Participations SA

Below you will find information from the register managers' transactions MAR 19. The information has been provided by the organisation.

  • Notifiable Bpifrance Participations SA
  • Issuing institution Technip Energies N.V.
  • Closely affiliated Caudoux A.
  • LEI 724500FLODI49NSCIP70
  • Position/Status Non-Executive Director
  • Transaction 24 dec 2021


Instrument type ISIN Transaction category Transaction type Stock option program Trading place Price Quantity Unit
Gewoon aandeel ISIN NL0014559478 Transaction category Verwerving Transaction type Koop Stock option program Nee Trading place EURONEXT - EURONEXT AMSTERDAM Price 12,50 Quantity 9.925,00 Unit EUR

Date last update: 18 May 2022

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