BlackRock Inc. - Signify N.V. - Amsterdam

BlackRock Inc. - Signify N.V. - Amsterdam

Below you will find information from the register substantial holdings and gross short positions. The information has been provided by the organisation.

Date of transaction 03 aug 2022
Person obliged to notify BlackRock Inc.
Issuing institution Signify N.V.
Registration Chamber of Commerce 65220692
Place of residence Amsterdam

Distribution in numbers

Type of share Number of shares Number of voting rights Capital interest Voting rights Manner of disposal Settlement
Type of shareGewoon aandeelNumber of shares3.575.563,00Number of voting rights3.965.030,00Capital interestReëelVoting rightsReëelManner of disposalMiddellijk
(BlackRock, Inc.)
Type of shareContract for difference Number of shares30.150,00Number of voting rights57.615,00Capital interestPotentieelVoting rightsPotentieelManner of disposalMiddellijk
(BlackRock, Inc)
SettlementIn contanten
Type of shareGewoon aandeelNumber of shares207.477,00Number of voting rights218.178,00Capital interestPotentieelVoting rightsPotentieelManner of disposalMiddellijk
(BlackRock, Inc.)
SettlementFysieke levering

Distribution in percentages

Type Total holding Directly real Directly potential Indirectly real Indirectly potential
TypeKapitaalbelangTotal holding2,97 %Directly real0,00 %Directly potential0,00 %Indirectly real2,79 %Indirectly potential0,19 %
TypeStemrechtTotal holding3,30 %Directly real0,00 %Directly potential0,00 %Indirectly real3,09 %Indirectly potential0,21 %

Date last update: 08 December 2022