ArcelorMittal S.A.

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  • Registration date 14 jun 2016 - 17:26
  • Statutory name ArcelorMittal S.A.
  • Title ArcelorMittal Announces Offers to Purchase for Cash Up to $600,000,000 Aggregate Principal Amount of its Outstanding Notes Listed Below
  • Comments June 14, 2016 - ArcelorMittal (the "Company" or "ArcelorMittal") announces the launch of its tender offers (the "Offers") to purchase for cash up to the Maximum Tender Amount (as defined herein) in the aggregate of its outstanding 5.125% Notes due June 1, 2020 (CUSIP 03938LAY0/ ISIN US03938LAY02) (the "June 2020 Notes"), 5.250% notes due August 5, 2020 (CUSIP 03938LAQ7/ ISIN US03938LAQ77) (the "August 2020 Notes") and 5.500% notes due March 1, 2021 (CUSIP 03938LAU8/ ISIN US03938LAU89) (the "2021 Notes" and, together with the June 2020 Notes and the August 2020 Notes, the "Notes").

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Date last update: 03 July 2020

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