BinckBank N.V.

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  • Registration date 03 feb 2012 - 18:17
  • Statutory name BinckBank N.V.
  • Title BinckBank buys back 4,946 shares
  • Comments Following the Share Buy Back programme as announced on 16 December 2011 BinckBank announces that it has bought 4,946 shares at an average purchase price of €8.4721 during the period 30 January 2012 up to and including 3 February 2012. The definite price will be calculated on a monthly basis and can as such deviate from the average weekly price. In January total of 179,958 shares were bought against an average price of €8.3353 per share. The execution of the share buy-back programme is outsourced by BinckBank to ING in full compliance with the Safe Harbour provision of EC Regulation 2273/2003. ING will act independently and without the involvement of BinckBank.

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