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  • Registration date 04 jul 2008 - 18:39
  • Statutory name Heineken N.V.
  • Title Heineken announces 96.54% of Eichhof GH shares in Switzerland tendered
  • Comments Amsterdam, 4 July 2008 - Heineken N.V. announced today that 96.54% of all shares in the newly formed Eichhof Getränke Holding AG are tendered, now that the offer period for the public tender offer has expired. The tender offer for the beverage division of Eichhof can be completed once the Swiss Competition Commission has issued its approval. Heineken Switzerland announced the acceptance of the public tender offer for all shares in the newly founded Eichhof Getränke Holding AG on 18 June 2008. The provisional final result of the offer is now available: following expiry of the extended offer period on 3 July 2008, 4 p.m. (CET), 162,230 registered shares are tendered. The 162,230 shares tendered during the offer period represent an investment of EUR 167 million (CHF 269 million). The shareholders of Eichhof Holding AG voted in favour of the demerger of the beverage division and thus the formation of Eichhof Getränke Holding AG at the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on 23 June 2008. The result of the Swiss Competition Commission investigation is expected at the end of September 2008 at the latest.

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