Koninklijke DSM N.V.

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  • Registration date 14 dec 2007 - 09:06
  • Statutory name Koninklijke DSM N.V.
  • Title DSM - Repurchase of shares and completion of Phase I (week 50)
  • Comments Royal DSM N.V. has repurchased 522,792 of its own shares in the period from 6 December 2007 up to and including 12 December 2007 at an average price of EUR 34.52. This is in accordance with the first phase of the share buyback program, announced on 1 October 2007. The consideration of this repurchase was EUR 18.0 million. The total number of shares repurchased under the first phase of this program is 6,855,000 shares for a total consideration of EUR 250.0 million. As was announced in the press release of 1 October 2007 this concludes the first phase of the share buy-back program. During the remainder of 2007 no further shares will be bought back under this program. The remainder of the program will be executed in 2008, assuming new approval of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders in March 2008 to buy back shares. The total program will be EUR 750 million. In due course DSM will inform the market, when share repurchases in the framework of this program are resumed. In addition DSM may halt the buy-back at any time, if a major acquisition needs financing.

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