Register of Audit Firms

The public register of audit firms consists of audit firms that have requested a licence from the AFM for (continuing) performing statutory audits in accordance with the Audit Firms Supervision Act. The AFM supervises the conduct of these institutions.

If you click on an institution’s ‘information’ icon you will see all the information concerning this institution. The information that is shown is the information that has been provided by the audit firm.

License number: 13000775
Name organisation: AccountAbilities Assurance B.V.License date: 26 aug 2010
Legal form: Besloten VennootschapLicense status: Verleend
Address: Weteringschans 94 E
Statutory audits for PIE's: Nee
Contact information: H.M. de Wit
Weteringschans 94
Internet address: https://www.accountabilities.nlConstraints:
Policymakers and co-policymakers
NameBusiness addressPostal codeCityMember supervisory bodyRegistration number NBA RARegistration number NBA AAForeign professional bodyRegistration number foreign professional bodyDisciplinary measure
M. te NuijlWeteringschans 94 E1017XSAMSTERDAMnee17075
H.M. de WitWeteringschans 94 E1017XSAMSTERDAMnee15971
NameAddressPostal codeCityDisciplinary measure
M. te NuijlWeteringschans 94 E1017XSAMSTERDAM
H.M. de WitWeteringschans 94 E1017XSAMSTERDAM
External auditors (employed by the audit firm)
NameRegistration number NBA RARegistration number NBA AAForeign supervisory authorityRegistration number foreign supervisory authorityDisciplinary measure
M. te Nuijl17075
H.M. de Wit15971
Network components and affiliates
Location publicy available
Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam. De volgende ondernemingen maken deel uit van het netwerk: Ago Ergo Sum B.V. Onbekendegracht 13-3 1018 XP Amsterdam Equitalis B.V. Panamalaan 8-E 1019 AZ Amsterdam
Detail network components and affiliates
Name component / affiliateAddressPostal codeCityCountry
AccountAbilities Accountants B.V.Weteringschans 941017XS AMSTERDAMNederland
Last update 01 mei 2017