The registers contain information concerning licences, notifications and exemptions.


The licence register contains the licences that have been issued by the AFM. Licences issued by de Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) can be found in the register on the DNB website.


The various notification registers include the different notifications financial undertakings and shareholders are required by law to make.

Searching the registers and exemptions

At the bottom of this page you can search several registers at once using one or more search terms. You can also search per register.

The details included in several registers cannot be found using the general search function, because these are available in a different format. You should therefore search the relevant register page for details concerning the registers below.

Receive the changes in three notification registers each day

The changes in the Issued capital, Substantial holdings and the Directors and member of the supervisory board registers are included each day in the register update. If you subscribe, you will receive a daily e-mail listing the changes (Tuesdays through Saturdays).


Do you have a question about the registers? Are you unable to find an undertaking or a notification? Or do you not know in which register you should search? If so, please contact us.