Behaviour and culture within the Expertise Centre

The Behaviour and Culture team has been operational within the Expertise Centre of the AFM since 1 April 2016. The AFM considers it very important that the behaviour and culture investigations are carried out in a high quality manner. This ensures that we can make well-substantiated statements about behaviour and culture.

What do we do to ensure this quality?

backgrounds and training. The investigation methods that we use have always been developed with the assistance of external parties. These are, for example, external change management consultants, but also colleague supervisors and other experts.

An investigation consists of a combination of instruments. In order to further develop and expand our methodologies, we entered into a long-term collaboration agreement with Utrecht University in 2016.

Do you collaborate with other supervisors?

The AFM works together with prudential supervisor DNB where this is appropriate and logical. The collaboration consists of, on the one hand, jointly conducting investigations at organisations and, on the other hand, sharing knowledge and experience with organisations and in the area of behaviour and culture.

The AFM is a member of the Business Conduct Roundtable and has international contacts with US, Canadian, British and Australian supervisors.

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