The AFM and Brexit

As a result of Brexit, some companies from the United Kingdom (UK) wish to establish themselves in the Netherlands. Dutch companies that do business with the UK also have questions regarding the consequences of brexit.

The United Kingdom officially left the European Union on Friday 31 January 2020, making Brexit official. As of this moment, a transitional period is in effect, lasting until 31 December 2020. During this transitional period, all laws and regulations of the European Union will remain in force in the UK. This means that during the transitional period nothing will change for citizens and businesses compared to the situation when the UK was still a member of the UK. For example; all licenses of British companies remain valid in the EU.  

Below, we provide answers to frequently asked questions which the AFM receives in relation to Brexit and the change in relationship between the EU and the UK, accompanied by several publications (as well as from ESMA) on the subject. 

UK companies wishing to move to the Netherlands

What do I need to consider if I want to establish my business in the Netherlands due to Brexit?

Dutch companies trading with UK companies

My company trades with companies in the United Kingdom. What do I need to consider when Brexit takes effect?

The role of the AFM in Brexit

Brexit will have consequences for the financial markets. The changes could lead to gaps in supervision or a disruption of services to and from Dutch companies.

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