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You can apply to the AFM for a licence using the forms below.

License application

Part of the licence application is that your company provides the AFM with the description of your business processes. The description of the business processes must comply with the requirements in the Wfm Bes-islands. You can use the example descriptions and forms that are made available by the AFM. The AFM advises you to use these example descriptions and, when changed to your situation, send the filled in descriptions with your licence application to the AFM.

Questionnaire for appointment or to report changes

Part of the licence application process also concerns the assessment of policy makers, co-policy makers, or supervisory directors. This part of the process can be set in motion by using the questionnaire for appointment in the Caribbean Netherlands. The form is also intended to be used to report changes with respect to policy makers, co-policy makers, or supervisory directors. And it is to be filled in by the main person referred to.

In this context, policy maker or co-policy maker is defined as any person who determines or co-determines the day-to-day policy and the compliance of this policy at supervised institutions, or who will be appointed as such, and any holder or future holder of a qualified shareholding in standing institutions under the supervision of supervisory bodies. Supervisory director is defined as a person who is responsible for overseeing the policies and general affairs of the company. This is usually a member of the Supervisory Board or the Supervisory Council.

Suitablitity matrix

If your company has more than one daily policymaker or more than one supervisory director, you must also fill in the suitability-matrix. The suitability-matrix gives the AFM information about the way the Board of Directors or the Supervisory Board works.

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