Who needs to register as a third-country audit entity? For Audit firms

A third-country audit entity must register with the AFM before it can issue audit reports regarding the audit of annual accounts that are important to the Dutch capital market.

You need to register as a third-country audit entity when you perform audits of annual or consolidated accounts of companies:

  • Who are incorporated in a third country; that is a country outside the European Economic Area.
  • Whose transferable securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market in the Netherlands.

You are not required to register when your organisation already has a licence from the AFM for performing statutory audits in accordance with the Audit Firms Supervision Act. Neither is a registration required for audit clients that only issue bonds or other negotiable debt instruments with a nominal value per bond of not less than €50,000 or in case of denomination in another currency a value equivalent to €50,000.

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